Who we are

Living Places is a regional, vertically integrated design firm, headquarter in Bozeman, MT. Out projects are featured throughout the West and Mid-West, with works in Montana, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and Illinois.

Our integrated approach allows us to focus on delving your project in a simple and efficient manner. Our expertise in every facet of a project, from land development and planning to design and construction, created a seamless, {ADJ}, process. We can work every step of the way: from land acquisition to design to construction.

 We utilize cutting-edge design and construction technology, including Building Information Modeling and SYSTEMS-BUILT construction techniques. Through our open process and expertise, working in tandem with the technology at our disposal, your dream is sure to reach fruition.

Process and Approach


Relationship is at the heart of both process and product at Living Places. Extracting your vision and synchronizing it with our know-how i s central to our process.

But here at Living Places, we recognize the importance of creating a relationship between a building and the place it inhabits. Our end goal is to create a design that is the perfect harmony between your vision, our expertise, and the physical environment the building will exist in.


Part of creating a healthy relationship between our design and the space it lives in is our focus on sustainable practices. Before any step is implemented, each is measured against its environmental, economic, and cultural impacts. Our designs aim not only to be beautiful, but efficient as well, created to leave a minimal footprint.

Too much of what we see in the sustainability movement today focus only on the latest technological trends. For us, sustainability starts at square one. That is why we practice site-based design. If the design is not created for its environment, no amount of high-end technology could ever truly correct it.

Our site-based approach minimizes disturbances, recognizes microclimates and maximizes solar, wind, and view orientations. Budget permitting, from here we add in passive strategies.