COURTYARD HOUSE 01 is designed around a 3-zoned concept to create public and private spaces. On one end of the house is a “children’s wing,” with its own bathroom, bedrooms, and communal space. The second wing of the house features the master bed and bathroom. Between the two wings is a public gathering space. The courtyard dividing the wings creates a private exterior space in a desne urban neighborhood and allows for the extension of the interior gathering space into the exterior. The public space’s large volume and use of abundant natural light contrasts with the lower volume, more intimate private zones. The residence also features a detatched ADU with its own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and LIVING space. Look for its sibling, COURTYARD HOUSE 02.

Location: Bozeman, MT. Valley West Neighborhood.          Size: Approx. 1960 sqft . 3 bed, 2 bath. ADU:  750 sqft. 1 bed, 1 bath. Exterior Material Palette: Fiber Cement Panels, Lap Siding, MDO Plywood Panels, Pella Windows, Steel