Located along the Yellowstone River and set into a fold in the hillside, the Yellowstone River Residence is a prime example of our design philsosphy that unites the interior to the exterior. The home is designed to maximize view of the beautiful Paradise Valley, while at the same time maintaining protection from the intense winds and creating privacy from the nearby road. The Great Room that is at the heart of the residence opens up to the majesty of the mountains through its towering windows and soaring roof. Sited at a cliff’s edge, the deck creates a sense of lofty flight into the natural world, with the ground dropping away, the deck extending out, and the roof expanding into the sky. The materials were chosen to reflect the agrarian history of the valley. Featured in publication such as the Big Sky Journal and winner of the Honor Award from Montana’s American Institute of Architects chapter.

Location: Patadise Valley, MT. Size: Approx. 2,300 sqf. 2 bed, 2 bath.  Exterior Material Palette: Rustic Board and Batt Siding, Horizontal Lap Siding, Galvanized Corrugated Siding, Commercial Storefrom Window Walls