The GALLATIN RIVER RESIDENCE is centered around limiting the divide between interior home and exterior natural beauty. Interior and exterior LIVING spaces are united through the use of a shared material pallette and the creation of outdoor courtyards. Barriers are further removed by the abundance of natural light illuminating the interior spaces. As guests move throughout the home, a view of the outside is always before them. The design of the residence is also centered around the construciton of two unique kinds of LIVING spaces: a public catering area, perfect for guests and gathering, and the private zones for quiet and down time. The beautiful courtyards also serve to divide these two types of LIVING spaces.

Location: Bozeman, MT. Banks of the Gallatin River Size: Approx: 3950 sqft. 4 bed, 4½ bath. Exterior Material Palette: VM Zinc Metal Panel, Parklex Panel System, Board Form Concrete, Unilex Window System